Webuzo Control Panel

Webuzo Application Manager. Webuzo is a LAMP Stack and a Single User Control Panel which helps you deploy Apps on your Virtual Private Server.

In addition it also has Domain Management Capabilities, MySQL Management, phpMyAdmin, FTP Support, etc.
You can setup your domain, website and web application in just 3 clicks. 

What is so different about Webuzo ?
  • Well you dont need a control panel in the first place, so you save on the resources a Control Panel uses.
  • The performance of your Apps are much better.
  • You are in full control of your machine and no other user can interfere with your machine
  • You can deploy 259 Apps.
  • PHP, MySQL, PERL is also supported.

The Demo of Webuzo is available at the following URL :
http://demo.webuzo.com/enduser/ (Enduser Interface to install Apps)
http://demo.webuzo.com/ (Admin Inetrface)

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