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Once you order VPS with HillHost and complete your order your VPS will be delivered within next few minutes.

You can easily mange it by logging in to our User Area and selecting Services -> Your VPS plan.

In Manage Product you can review all your VPS plan details: registration, payment, billing cycle, due date, service status etc. 

Under the service (VPS plan) product details we provide Server Information tab where all VPS manageable options are available:

  1. Checking VPS hostname and assigned IP addresses
  2. Server status (online/offline) including bandwidth/memory and disk space usage.
  3. Options for Reboot, Shutdown, Boot and even Serial Console and HTML 5 Serial Console which can be used if you don't have SSH access or want to disable it.
  4. You can change your server hostname and root password
  5. And finally you can review live graphs for its traffic, load average and memory usage

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