Addon domains

How to add additional domain to your control panel                                     

In order for you to manage addtional domain(addon domain) with your contorol panel please follow these steps:

1) You need to go to your "Domans" section in your control panel click on Addon domains feature/icon.

2) You need to fill up the following information in "Create an Addon Domain" section:
  • New Domain Name: here you type the domain name that you want to add as additonal domain
  • Subdomain/FTP Username: here you type the sub-domain and ftp account name that will be added automatically for your domain name
  • Document Root: here you type the path location of your main domain.
  • Password: here you type the password for your ftp account(password must be at least 5 characters long)
  • Strength: this is indication of your password strength

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