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  1. Log in (SSH) to your server as root
  2. yum users should run the following command: yum install perl
  3. up2date users should run the following command: up2date -i perl
  4. You need to change the hostname both in /etc/hostsand in/etc/sysconfig/network. After you have changed the hostname in both files, run this command:   hostname $newhostname
    • Replace $newhostname with the new hostname you put in /etc/hosts and /etc/sysconfig/network. You do not need to reboot the server.
  5. To install cPanel & WHM, run these commands:
    • cd /home — Opens the /home directory.
    • curl -o latest -L — Fetches the latest installation file from cPanel's servers.
    • sh latest — Opens and executes the installation file.
  6. Please allow 30 min - 1 hour for the installation to finish
  7. To access the WHM interface:
    • $IP represents your server's IP address.
    • Enter https://$IP:2087 into your preferred web browser.
    • Enter root into the Name field.
    • Enter your root password into the Password field.
    • Click Log In.
    • After completing all the steps, you should now be logged in to your WHM on your server!

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